Definitely Maybe DVD Movie - About The Story & Plot - Synopsis

The Definitely Maybe DVD plot shares an irresistibly funny, romantic story that will warm your heart. This story follows Will Hayes, who is going through a divorce, and his daughter Maya, who has always wanted to know the story of how her parents met each other and fell in love. Will recounting this story to Maya is the Definitely Maybe DVD story that movies the film along.

Will tells Maya about three separate women using pseudonyms so as not to let her know which one is her mother. First in the Definitely Maybe DVD plot is Emily, Willís college sweetheart who he left behind to move to New York to get his career started. It is there that he meets Summer, a friend of Emilyís who he hits it off with and seems romantically interested in. Will just cannot forget the love he feels for Emily, though. Further along in the Definitely Maybe DVD story, Will meets April, a waitress, and they become friends very quickly and easily. It soon becomes evident, however, that April wants more than friendship from Will.

How did the Definitely Maybe DVD plot unfold from there? Which woman did Will marry and have his beautiful daughter with? Will he choose to revisit one of these former romances now that heís single again and possibly experiencing old feelings for one of his former flames as he tells his daughter these stories?

Be sure to buy Definitely Maybe on DVD June 24th to find answers to these questions and to be thoroughly entertained. Until then, you can watch the Definitely Maybe DVD trailer, read bios of the Definitely Maybe DVD cast, or view Definitely Maybe DVD images on this website.