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Until June 24th when you can buy the Definitely Maybe DVD, trailer viewing on this website will help keep you excited. You can also read a synopsis of the Definitely Maybe DVD plot and check out Definitely Maybe DVD images elsewhere on this website.

The Definitely Maybe DVD trailer begins with a little girl asking her dad to tell her the story of how he met her mom and we learn that the parents are going through a divorce. The father decides to tell his daughter the story, without telling her exact names and tells her sheíll have to figure it out. The little girl settles in bed to hear the story.

As the Definitely Maybe DVD trailer continues, the story of the dadís college dating escapades unfolds. We see him moving away to New York, leaving his college sweetheart behind, only to develop some sort of feelings for her friend. We also see him developing a friendship with a third woman, a waitress in a coffee house, who wants to be more than a friend.

Later in the Definitely Maybe DVD trailer, the little girl tells her dad she wants to know all of this information because she wants him to be happy. When he responds that he is happy, she tells him she knows heís not. He realizes that maybe he should examine all these old relationships to see if there is something still there, but ultimately he realizes his great happiness is his daughter.

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